• Bare Metal => Cluster => Containers => Cloud = Fortsetzung von Cluster, Generalisierung
  • Rechenkapazität wie Strom; jedoch keine Lieferung (Broadcast) und Nutzung vor Ort, sondern individuelle, externe Dienstleistung

Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture

A study of security vulnerabilities on Docker Hub

Pets vs Cattle »When one server goes down, it's taken out back, shot, and replaced on the line.« Da werden VMs mit Methoden der Massentierhaltung verglichen.

»Ops hates containers. Why?« by Martin Alfke

The true costs of hosting in the cloud

  • »Dropbox migrated in 2016 and Instagram in 2014.«
  • »A lot of businesses are in direct competition with Amazon. A fear of losing commercial secrets and being spied upon has not been confirmed by any incidents yet. But Walmart, for example, moved out of AWS and requested that its suppliers do the same.«
  • »Dyachuk identified the crossover point where colocation becomes cheaper at around $100,000 per month, or 150 Amazon m4.2xlarge instances«